8 years back while Dr Gaurav Nigam , a child specialist was self studying about the behaviour of children, he realised that a major chunk of the resources are being utilised at higher education where as basic education is restricted to A for Apple. And isn’t that true? think about when you were a tiny tot, studying in nursery, Didn’t you also learnt the same pattern. 

So much has changed. So much. No more cassettes,Even no More CDs, we no longer go to bank to get our cash, We hardly have wired telephone lines at home. But still, A for apple.

Thats when he started making a team. A team which comprised of teachers, educationists, curriculum setters, Parents, Child Psychologists, Paediatricians and of course the children themselves. He traveled more than 100 kindergartens and understood the practice of education in those places. He then collected all the best practices and did a lot of research on them.

The team during this time was busy in studying the famous personalities of the past, people who created the present the way it is. people who invented bulb, aeroplane. phone, Penicillin Or Discovered GRAVITY. They studied about the patterns in their lives, the habits, the nature and Psychology that made these people Geniuses in there own field. 

Then came the tedious task of making something organised. Something more meaningful than the scientific jargon. A curriculum needed to be laid. A curriculum which can bring out the best in these children and also the parents of these children.

At intelligentsia, we went through more than 7000 different researches to narrow it down to 2000 and then started applying them to different domains of our lives. When already so much has been done by our scholars, why we never apply them? – this question haunted all of us and we started understanding there application in day to day life.

It took almost a decade to reach to where we are right now. THE INCEPTION. THE START. THE BEGINNING. 2018. 

And the journey of innovation continues.